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Emergency Spill Response

A quick response to a spill or release can prevent major environmental and regulatory problems. Working with the EPA and other agencies on a daily basis has built our reputation as one of the premier Emergency Response contractors in the state.

Line Jetting

ORC 2745-27-19K3 requires that leachate lines be cleaned after the first lift of waste placement and annually thereafter. UST can jet the lines to insure that they are free flowing.

Sump Cleaning

Regular sump cleaning can extend pump life and keep components operating at peak efficiency.

Video Recording

UST can provide a video of leachate lines, sumps, vaults, etc. to visually demonstrate permit compliance.

Storage Tanks

As our name suggests we maintain licensed installers on staff to manage storage tank installations and removals. No tank or system is too large or too small. We also service and maintain storage tanks.

Secondary Containment, Oil Water Separators etc.

UST cleans, repairs or replaces vital components to the systems. We can also provide video proof of integrity or permit compliance.

Landfill Services

Vapor Barrier System

Install a vapor barrier system to eliminate vaport intrustion into occupied structures or high traffic areas.

Culvert Cleaning

Clean clogged or slow flowing culverts to restore them to design capacity.

Contract Hauling

Provide vacuum tankers, box vans with or without liftgates to handle everything from leachate transportation to totes, drums, and other miscellaneous cargo.

Confined Space

We maintain a complete staff trained for any confined space situation with equipment necessary to complete the job scope ssafe and effeciently.

Truck Scale Pits

Clean scale pits to keep scales trouble free and in calibration.

Industrial Power Washing

Our mobile industrial power wash unites will keep your buildings (office & shop) and equipment clean to maintain the presentation and maintenance required to keep your facility functioning at maximum efficiency.


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